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Your best events, powered by real-time data insights. 

Managing successful events is now a breeze with SISTIC Singapore’s intuitive, visual, and scalable business intelligence tool. 


Whether you are trained in data analytics or have never touched data before, StixDash makes it easy for users of all skill levels to explore and visualize crucial data. 

Why StixDash

Access Real-Time Insights 24/7 

Whether you’re in the office or out on the go, StixDash allows you to access relevant and actionable sales, demographic and attendance dashboards from your computer, tablet, or device for real-time data insights anytime, anyplace. Our dashboards are designed to help Partners make informed decisions around ticketing and marketing strategies as well as support with event operations planning. 

Customisable, Interactive Dashboards 

Say goodbye to complicated data analytics systems that require Business Intelligence expertise or expensive and time-consuming programming. Our collection of pre-built advanced dashboards with advanced charts with filters and drilldowns – no coding required - help you find meaningful insights quickly to enable better business decisions.   

Enhance Communication and Productivity

With the ability for automated report scheduling, there is no need to rely on daily static reports or email communication. Alerts and reports can be easily shared with colleagues, managers, clients, and other relevant stakeholders to keep everyone informed and engaged with the latest developments when events in your dashboard are triggered. 

Data Governance 

Keep your team members in management in the know when you allow users to collaborate on one platform. You can also deploy multiple workspaces, easily assign row level roles and access rights to provide teams with access to the right data while preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data. 

Subscription Plans

Whether you're organizing a single event or developing a long-term marketing strategy, StixDash can help you make informed decisions with data-backed insights. Choose from a range of subscription models carefully designed to suit your needs, including our Starters, Essential, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

With StixDash,
managing successful events has never been easier. 

Have questions?

Our business representatives are readily available to answer your queries. 

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