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A brand new online marketplace for your official merchandise needs

SISTIC Mall makes it easy for fans to discover and purchase event-related, venue-related, or promoter-related merchandise at their fingertips via our marketplace or our clients' own white label/branded storefront.


Our powerful eCommerce solutions and enhanced marketplace will improve fans' experiences and make it easier for event organisers to grow revenue and build more meaningful customer relationships through a connected digital customer journey, in Singapore and beyond.​


Increase Revenue

Increasing the basket size of transactions through marketing, product upsells and cross sells

Plan Ahead

Get the data so pre-sales and demand forecasting is possible

Actionable Insights

Gain insights on your Product performance, optimizing your marketing strategy through data on the customer journey

Single Platform Management

Single platform to manage all your inventory, orders and shipping


Events that we have sold merchandise for include:

Have questions?

Our business representatives are readily available to answer your queries. 

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